I am excited to be offering Kodály-based Music Kindergarten and Musicianship and piano classes in Medway and North-East Kent.

Many aspects of my teaching is informed by the teachings of Hungarian musician and educator Zoltán Kodály (the Kodály Method). Studies have shown that the Kodály Method improves intonation, rhythm skills, music literacy, and the ability to sing in increasingly complex parts. Outside of music, it has been shown to improve perceptual functioning, concept formation, motor skills, and performance in other academic areas such as reading and mathematics.

I offer small, structured Musicianship Classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, as well a group for home educated children up to the age of ten. Musical play - singing, dancing and listening - gently develops the core skills of musicianship - pulse, pitch and rhythm - in a relaxed learning environment.

Piano students benefit from a similarly 'holistic' approach to teaching, building on the Kodály Method, but also using more traditional teaching techniques. ABRSM (Associated Board) exams are offered to pupils who wish to use this system, but this is by no means expected or required of pupils.

Curious Piano Teachers

Curious Piano Teachers

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Musician's Union

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DBS Checked

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Classes Available

Listed below are the classes currently available.
All classes are payable weekly for the first half-term then bookable in half-termly blocks (cash & cards accepted).

Musicianship Class (0-3y)

Fridays: 10:30 - 11:15am

Musicianship class for children aged up to 3 years. We'll learn lots of songs which will gently introduce elements of the Kodaly Method at a subconscious level. There will be opportunities to play percussion instruments (tuned and untuned) and a listening session at the end of each class.

2016 Prices: £6.10 per class

Musicianship Class (3-5y)

Fridays: 9:30 - 10:15am

Class for children who have already had at least one year of previous Kodály training. Concepts which were previously learnt subconsciously will now start to be named and we will start to learn pitch using sol-fa (Do, Re, Mi, etc.) and rhythm using syllables (ta, ti-ti, etc.).

Percussion instruments will be used to play repeating (ostinato) patterns and we will start to explore harmony by singing in canon/rounds.

2016 Prices: £6.10 per class

Individual Piano Lessons (Beginners)

To learn the piano you need to master a lot of skills, not just the motor skills of playing but learning to read and write music on the stave, as well as concepts of pitch and rhythm. It can all be a bit overwhelming!

For this reason, all my beginning piano pupils (up to approx. Grade 2) have alternating weeks of individual piano lessons and group musicianship lessons. This allows them to learn the necessary musical concepts separately from the motor skills and then join them together.

I use the highly regarded "Dogs & Birds" teaching books which are suitable for pre-readers so I can often start pupils younger than are traditionally taught. Every child is different and some are ready to learn sooner than others, but I am happy to assess children from the age of three.

2016 Prices: Musicianship £6.10 per class - Individual £10 per class
Later beginners may benefit from longer individual lessons which are charged at £30 per hour pro rata

Individual Piano Lessons (Intermediate & Advanced)

Progression in all musical instruments requires a strong foundation in technique, which is a cornerstone of my teaching method with improving players.

Whether wishing to progress through the ABRSM (Associated Board) examination system or merely explore more challenging repertoire, I offer students a broad range of materials in a variety of styles, ranging from ancient and contemporary keyboard music.

As with all other aspects of my teaching practice, there is no separate 'theory' curriculum. Reading and writing music, harmony and (eventually) counterpoint are covered in a holistic and natural way at all points along students' musical journey.

2016 Prices: £30 per hour pro rata

Class length and frequency to be mutually agreed with student.


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